Painting Services

Painting Services

We fight to protect your plant’s transformers switch gear and structural steel with the proven painting services from Energized Substation Systems. We have been helping plants and utilities extend the life of their electrical apparatus safely and economically for three decades. Work is performed on “Energized” Systems with voltage up to 345KV.

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Apparatus Coatings

The following process is a revolutionary concept for apparatus coating cleaning:

Primer: Fortified with rust inhibitors, yet the unique formulation allows for rapid heat dissipation.

Finish Coats: Polysilicone (contains 30% silicone) resists normal elements and oceanic salts. Surface temperature rating of 350*F

Corrosive Atmosphere

P.P.G.: Pitt-Guard DTR Polyamide Epoxy

P.P.G.: Pitthane Acrylic-Aliphatic Urethane Enamel

We feature a high build expoxy primer. The finish barrier coat is polyurethane enamel. This system has a temperature rating of 350*F.


  1. Thorough blasting, 
    masking all gages and removing name plates.
  2. Two high built coats on apparatus.
  3. Repair leaks in fins if accessible.
  4. Red Capping apparatus bushings caps w/PPG OSHA Safety Red Enamel
  5. “Energized” painting of structural steel and transmission towers.
Slide the center bar from side-to-side to see before and after!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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